Modeling of Zinc production with optimization

Document Type : Research Article


National Petrochemical Company, Research and Technology Company, Iran


Zinc is white, bluish or silver metal, very soft which is brittle in normal temperatures, easily breaks with hammer blows and could not be roll in ambient temperatures and could easily roll into sheets at 100- 150 degrees centigrade. Considering the importance of electrical energy consumption in electrical refining processes, electrowining, its great effect on production cost and other products parameters, including zinc and modeling process with SPSS software that have high credit grade model result, respectively. In this study, by using test equipment indicated that rising temperature causes reduce efficiency and increase consumed energy, and the most optimal flow density value for this process is 2400-300 A/m and electrolyte solution optimum concentration as: 60-50 zinc 140-120 Sulfuric acid, 200ppm manganese sulfate, 500ppm permanganate and gum are 500ppm. Also, energy consumption in Iran’s zinc production industry is 4.5  and in developed countries industry is 3.3 . In this study, consumption energy reduced to 2.75 , which, reduction in energy consumption is about 17 percent of advanced industrial countries and about 40 percent of Iran’s industry.


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