Modeling of Alomina Drying Process in Spray Dryer

Document Type : Research Article


National Petrochemical Company, Research and Technology Company, Iran


Spray dryers are one of the most important dryers and have many applications in the food, drug and chemical industries. In this investigation, a model is suggested to predict the product temperature, drying time and the dryer height In order to evaluate the dryer performance in different operational conditions. To achieve this, knowledge of the drying kinetics and the transfer phenomenon are necessary. The main aim in this project is, modeling of the spray drying of Alumina Slurry in a co current dryer.

In this modeling Mass, heat and momentum transfer equations on droplets and hot air have been written. By writing a computer program for the simultaneous solution of mass, energy and momentum balances, a mathematical model is introduced. In order to evaluate the accuracy of the model, the experimental data were used and results showed good agreement between the theory and the experiments. By using the results of the model, the change in the dryer input parameters and their effect on final product characterizations have been studied.


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