Theoretical view on interaction between boron nitride nanostructures and some drugs

Document Type : Review article


1 College of Health Sciences, University of Human Development, Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan region of Iraq

2 Islamic Azad University

3 Azerbijan Shahid Madani University


Many advancing aspects of technology and science are in the field of nanotechnology, in which levels and interfaces are of particular importance in determining the performance and usage. One related application in which interactions play an important role is the synthesis of drugs. Nanotechnology and nanodelivery are comparatively modern procedure and rapidly evolving science that uses nanoscale materials to be used as diagnostic systems or delivery of therapeutic drugs to particular aimed address in a controlled sites manner. Also drug infiltration through cell membranes is a modern challenge. Since Nano boron nitride has unique properties, it is one of the most promising mineral nanostructures ever explored. In this review, all the practical aspects of boron atoms in drug delivery and andnanostructured drugs are surveyed and the nano-boron nitride application is taken in review much more.