Systematic investigation of inter-element effects during EDXRF measurements on mixed oxide powders of aluminium, silicon, and yttrium

Document Type : Research Article


Analytical Chemistry Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai



Inter-element effects may severely affect the accuracy during EDXRF measurements of mixed oxides. Single (individual), binary and ternary oxide mixtures of Al, Si and Y were made with cellulose and the pellets were prepared. Sensitivity and intercept of the EDXRF spectrometer for Al, Si and Y were determined. Effects of presence of the other elements on the sensitivity and intercept were studied. The sensitivity was found to increase, as per the atomic number. Characteristic X-ray energies, absorption edges and attenuation coefficients are the key factors, which controlled the sensitivity. Presence of interfering impurities, overlap of peaks and X-ray absorption, hold the principal control over intercept of the calibration curves. For each of the three present analytes, the major contributor to inter-element effect was identified, via a systematic approach. Compositions of two samples of yttrium aluminium silicate were determined, after incorporating inter-element correction factors.


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