Application of 3D printing technology in the military

Document Type : Review article


1 Material Engineering, CAS

2 Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh


An innovative and revolutionary piece of technology, 3D printing has the potential to have substantial military applications. More and more things can be created with 3D printing as the technology advances. This article introduces 3D printing technology in the military and discusses how it impacts military equipment's maintenance, support, and development. It also briefly describes the concepts, fundamental principles, and applications of 3D printing equipment and printing materials and their development prospects in modern information warfare. Although 3D printing has unique advantages and has been applied in many fields, its development is restricted by many factors. The main reason is that the independent manufacturing technology is still insufficient, there are few optional materials, and the product accuracy is inadequate, resulting in short strength, low quality, and limited types of printed products. Although some products can meet emergency needs, their reliability is difficult to meet practical requirements, and independent manufacturing, in the true sense, cannot be realized. In the future, the rapid development and application of 3D printing still need to be broken through artificial intelligence and material technology.


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